.Deadlocks Explained?

Deadlocks are one of the most common locks in the household or commercial property. Having deadlocks fitted to your door is a necessity for security. There are over a thousand types of different deadlocks on the market today. Each one unique to its self in different ways i.e. some deadlocks have more or less levers than others. Some are built with security curtains inside to enable an anti pick function.

Also some levers inside a deadlock also have anti pick features. Making it very hard for an amateur to pick these locks and even in some cases making an expert unable to pick certain types of deadlocks which in turn only leaves the option to have to drill out the lock in a certain position. Each individual deadlock has its own unique drilling point. This will only be known by a professional locksmith.

The most common deadlock on the market today is the Chubb/Union 3G114E. This deadlock conforms to British standard and is also an Insurance approved deadlock. This means this deadlock is anti-pick & anti-drill making it virtually impossible for an amateur to open this deadlock. This lock is most commonly known to people as the Chubb lock. In actual fact no matter what brand and model the deadlock may be. Most of homeowners refer to this as the Chubb lock. This is because Chubb are the leading deadlock brand dominating the market today.

Chubb Deadlocks

Chubb are the leading brand on the market today for deadlocks. This is because they have been around for over 50 years and making sure their locks conform to British standard. If you currently have any other deadlock fitted to your door. 8 out 10 times that deadlock would not conform to Insurance standard or British standard. To ensure you get your full Insurance claim we advise to have all your deadlocks Insurance approved.

When we visit your home to carry out any works. Hagan locksmiths will always give you the needed advice on your current state of security in your home. We will inform you whether or not your deadlock conforms to a British standard. And whether the deadlock is Insurance approved or not. If you find that your current deadlock does not conform to British standard or Insurance approval, then our locksmith will give you the option to upgrade the deadlock to a British standard & Insurance approval so that your security is not compromised. If you would prefer to just have your deadlock changed for like 4 like purposes this is always an option.

3 Lever & 5 Lever Deadlocks

The difference between a 3 lever deadlock and a 5 lever deadlock is that obviously one is missing some levers. The deadlock with only 3 levers is designed for internal doors. This is because the security for a door behind a main entrance door is less of a risk. As its only accessible for people inside the property. And is also a lot smaller in thickness, shape and design. Allowing to be fitted to an internal door. Which usually has a door thickness of 34mm which is common size of internal doors. It would not be professional locksmith practice to install a 3 lever lock onto an external main entrance door. As this would be compromise and degrade your security on that door.  3 lever locks only to be installed on internal doors. Because the security of these deadlocks is less than a 5 lever deadlock.

A 5 lever deadlock is the most common of all lever locks on external main entrance doors. This is because a 5 lever deadlock offers a lot more security as opposed to a 3 lever deadlock, this is because it has 2 extra levers often with anti pick features too, i.e anti-pick levers & security curtain. Not all 5 lever deadlocks conform to Insurance approval. Be careful when selecting your new deadlock for your home. Ideally want an Insurance approved deadlock which in turn meets a higher level of security.

Other Brands of Deadlocks?

There are so many other brands on the market supplying 3 lever & 5 lever deadlocks. These brands include, Chubb, Union, ERA, Mul-T-Lock, Yale, Ingersoll and Banham. Many deadlock brands offer all types of deadlocks. But you must be careful when selecting your brand and model. As this will determine its level of security that is on offer from that specific deadlock. Here at Hagan Locksmiths our locksmith will make sure you are fully aware of the best deadlock for you. Determined by the level of security needed for your home. Your doors ability to take the correct deadlock and your need (if one) for Insurance approved deadlocks.

So when deciding on your new deadlocks. Call Hagan Locksmiths to be visited by a professional locksmith who has the knowledge and experience to give you the correct information on which deadlock is the best on the market today. And which deadlock would be best for your needs? Hagan locksmiths offer a complete one stop deadlock changing service & deadlock opening service! We aim to be with you at your home within 30 mins of your call!

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We always aim to give an estimated cost over the phone so you have an idea on the costs before hand! Quotes are free via the phone! However if you need all your security assessed for insurance purposes or just peace of mind? We can help! Call us now to arrange a visit to your home for us to undertake a complete assessment of you current state of security.

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