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Hagan Locksmiths  are London’s No.1 choice for locksmiths in your area. We have been maintaining and installing and opening locks for over 10 years. When you call our locksmiths we will give you an ETA to which a locksmith will arrive on site within this period. When we do are main priority is too open your lock ASAP using the best trade secret methods. Our locksmiths have methods in which they open locks to your amazement.

Some of our methods would include snapping of lock. This process is done by snapping the core of the lock using special equipment. This would only be necessary if there is no way of minipulating your lock due to it being a high security lock.  Which are usually un-pickable & in some cases un-Snapable. Other ways of gaining entry to property include Picking, Snapping and Drlling and a few other secret methods. In this article we explain how these methods are used correctly and professionally to enable lock opening.

Picking Locks Open?

Picking open locks is very hard and strategic process that can take professionals the best of 5 mins to perform this process. This only comes with a high experience locksmith which has the knowledge on how to pick open locks effectively without damage. Each lock is unique to itself as the levers and pins inside every lock are completely different to the other. Experience and knowledge is key here! If you pardon the pun. Choosing good locksmiths can be a hard choice given the amount of competition out there. However when calling Hagan Locksmiths be rest assured you will be receiving a high quality service from start to finish! Hagan locksmiths are fully trained and vetted to deal with your emergency. We operate 24 Hours 7 days a week. Call now to get your locks opened? Directly on 0800 865 4808

So if we are able to just open the lock via manipulation this is great providing you don’t need keys replaced. This would just leave you a labour only charge on your bill. Instead of having a separate charge for a new lock on their too, thus saving you considerable amounts of money! If we have to drill your lock out then a replacement would be needed. We make sure we carry all the common locks on board including different sizes. This is to ensure that after drilling your lock out we have a replacement available for you straight away to make sure your home is always left secured.

Drilling Locks Open?

Sometimes when it comes to lock opening. There is no other option but to drill certain locks open as the security is so high. That no picks available on the market will open the lock via manipulation. This is the last resort for our emergency locksmith. As this will also result in you having to have the locks changed completely period. Some locks can only be opened via drill and not picked open. This is because the level of security with in that certain lock is very high. Locks are made like this for the event of a burglar trying to break in to your home. You will hear the sound of drills. A homeowner if inside your home at the time would hear this going on and notify the correct authorities immediately.

There are many different ways too gain access to locks by opening them. An example you can either pick the lock open via manipulation. Or you can drill the lock to manipulate the levers internally by gaining access to the lock from a drilling point within the certain lock.  The most common and easiest way to gain access to a lock will depend on our emergency locksmith professional opinion and depending on the specific lock we are confronted with. This could be by means of picking to manipulate or drilling. Our emergency locksmith have your best interests at heart.

Manipulation To Enable Lock Opening?

The most effective way to enable lock opening is by manipulation. This process is usually quick and very cost effective. Depending on what type of lock you have. Will determine whether your lock can be opened by manipulation. The reason for the save on costs is that after the lock has been manipulated there will be no damage left on the lock. So if your house keys just so happen to be with somebody. Or left them accidentally in your house. Then once the lock has been manipulated you can retrieve your keys and continue using them as normal. Therefore saving you money because there will be no need to install a new lock. Unless you have lost your keys all together. You will need your locks replaced however manipulation may still be implemented.

Manipulation can be one of many things, from using picks to other high tech tools. All our emergency locksmiths are fully equipped with the latest tools to manipulate over 2000 types of locks. We can manipulate all types of locks including  Yale, ERA, Chubb and many more. Whether its your main front door? Your backdoor? Your garage door? Or even your bedroom door? We can help manipulate the locks to enable you access back into your home. We always prefer to use the manipulation methods for all of our customers as this tends to be the fastest way to gain access to most locks.

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